Content strategy for the Metaverse

with Benedetta Caridi

The Metaverse is a new world with endless opportunities, even for the professional sphere.
If you have landed here, you realized the potential of the Metaverse and are ready to seize it.
Get a head start, sign up for our course and find out everything you need to know about the Metaverse.
The future is waiting for you!

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  • 14 exercises
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What you'll learn

  • Course roadmap
    • Current scenarios in the existing metaverses: how to access, what tools you need, which metaverses are the most popular and most populated and why.

    • The new professions in the Metaverse: perspectives and evolution of the digital scope, marketing and content creation market.

    • The peculiarities of the main metaverses: Horizon, Mesh, Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Star Atlas, Blocktopia, Spatial and Somnium Space.

    • Metaverses for B2B: which immersive environment is best suited for brands and companies and what strategic focal points should be adopted.

    • Content strategy for the Metaverse: how to build an editorial plan starting from the client’s needs and how to build and manage a creative team suitable for immersive storytelling.

    • Case histories and case studies: the projects and brands that have been successful in the Metaverse and why, analysis of the most significant cases.

  • Who is our course for?
    • Madly curious individuals who have no idea on how to move within the metaverses.

    • Professionals, companies, freelancers who want to better understand if it is worth it to invest time, energy and money in this new dimension;

    • Those who are already familiar with the Metaverse and want to be properly trained to approach Web 3.0 as professionals.

    Our course is not for
    • Those expecting a technical course on crypto, trading and financial speculation.

    • Those who think they will get rich in the Metaverse in 24 hours.

    • Those who aren’t ready to fly into the future.

Live Webinar

You will participate in a live webinar where our Mentor will show how to technically structure an editorial plan for an event in the Metaverse and answer your questions.

Private Interview

You will be able to present your own project dedicated to the Metaverse in a virtual space with Mezcal Agency Mentors.

Bonus Tracks

Only included until September 2022

Those registered for the course by the 30th of September will have the opportunity to access exclusive content:

Discover the lessons

04 Decentraland abstract

The Decentraland Metaverse is best known for hosting events for numerous internationally renowned fashion brands. We will analyze the strategy they have adopted and why they have chosen this platform.

Other lessons

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Why do we talk about new professions in the Metaverse (the numbers show it)?

  • 30%

    By 2026 the 30% of companies will offer services and products in the Metaverse

  • 379%

    Since October 2021, open job positions for “Metaverse experts” candidates on the Adzuna web search engine have grown by 379%

  • 51%

    In a survey on a panel of more than 30000 people the 51% of the Gen Z target interviewed declared that they will do everything or part of their future job in the Metaverse

    *Microsoft Work Trend
  • 42%

    Of the skills required by employers will change dramatically by 2024 and the Metaverse will be necessary in the process of upskilling and reskilling

    *World Economic Forum

From the data, it is clear that in the near future we will have to shift both our hard and soft skills in order to be protagonists in the Multiverse, especially work-wise. As a matter of fact, many innovative job positions that are currently being created require transversal digital know-how, with creative, technical and artistic skills.
This process of upskilling and reskilling will affect us all, and this course is the basis for rethinking ourselves in the world of work that awaits us.


The course includes 14 lessons and a set of 14 PDF exercises, one for each module.

The course content will be available online. You can access it whenever and wherever you want, at your own pace.

No, you can start and finish the course whenever you like.

Our bonuses are a special limited-edition gift to grant you access to exclusive content: a live webinar where you can ask questions and watch the creation of a taylor-made content strategy and a private interview with Mezcal Agency Mentors. You will also have access to the reserved area of our Discord channel.

Yes, you will receive a certificate you can include in your CV, your LinkedIn profile and your social accounts.

For years, at Mezcal Agency we have been studying and analyzing the fundamentals of the Metaverse. We strongly believe in this new dimension, based on our knowledge of virtual reality, 3D design and immersive storytelling acquired over years of working with important clients. We want to share our know-how to provide you with the skills you need to thrive in this new dimension. Furthermore, we are convinced that early adopters of the Metaverse will be able to find new job opportunities and will have more competitive skills than those who do not yet believe in the evolution of Web 3.0

Benedetta Caridi
Mentor Bio

As a lover of narrative content in all forms since I can remember, I had explored the universe of content creation far and wide until I met my new love: the Metaverse.
I started my career as a freelance journalist at RCS, then I was Content Producer for 15 years first at Rai, then at Mediaset – RTI and at Filmmaster productions for a Disney Italia project. After a year spent in Los Angeles as a creative producer, I returned to Italy and obtained a second Master’s Degree. I also taught creative writing, content management and marketing at IAAD in Bologna. Currently, I am co-founder and creative director of Mezcal Agency.

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